Friday, December 12, 2008

Every adult needs a Time-Out once in a while!!!
I was riding the elevator with my two youngest children today; when it was time to get off, the doors open and I was plowed down by some crazy lady! Now who knows proper elevator etiquette????? My Kids,that's who! They know that when waiting to enter an elevator you stand back from the doors and wait for the patrons using it to exit before you get on, thereby providing room for them to exit and room for you to enter. Simple, you would think, but clearly this poor woman's mother neglected to teach her this most basic lesson. She charged at me and my stroller like she were the BULL and I, the MATADOR! And like a skilled matador I swung myself, the stroller, and my 4 year old out of the path of the charging bull just in the nick of time! The crowd cheered....or at least I glared at her and huffed under my breath at the loss of human decency in the world. I CALL to all you mothers out there that may not as of yet imparted this morsel of wisdom to your children known as the "enter/exit strategy", I call to you to teach this lesson and teach it well, for if you don't and they transgress this holy law, one day some woman might flip out and blog about them!


Janet Walgren said...

Ah! Etiquette ... sadly lacking in most places these days. I think mothers went on strike or something worse.

At least you are nimble and got out of the way. Cutting lines, stampeding to get into Wall Mart resulting in the death of a store worker... what is the world coming to?

I think etiquette lessons should be mandatory in grade school. Perhaps it could replace sex ed for kindergartners. Unfortunately it still wouldn't have spared me from the worm and dog pooh conversation during dinner at a Christmas party I regretfully attended last week.

At least your children are well trained and mannerly:)

Hope all is going well and that you have a happy holiday season.

Love you!

Aunt Janet

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Awh, your hilarious! And, I'm so glad for this lesson that have not yet taught to my young. I'll get right on it. PS what is chris doing in the corner? I have a simiar picture of him like this when he was about 16.

Scott and Lorri said...

Yea an update. So are we going to wait two months for another one?
What's etiquette? Who teaches that anymore. I can't get over what my kids know and what others don't teach their kids. Isn't it common sense?

BeX said...

hahaha.. chicken noodle soup it is! And pe-lease! Take a picture of your tree...make it a camera challenge with yourself and post it. I need to see proof!

Ich liebe dich Süße!