Friday, January 2, 2009

DoN't leT tHe Cute tHIng FooL yA!

There he is, sneakily hunched underneath the piano bench with a spoon in his hand and a smile :) on his face. Sounds so adorable doesn't it? Well before you jump on the "Isn't that cute" band wagon, lets look at the events directly leading up to this scenario.
Here I was minding my own business playing with the other children in our basement when suddenly, there was a SLAM, followed by the distinct "CLICK CLICK". Our door leading from the kitchen to the basement had just been shut and locked, leaving Myles all alone in the rest of the house. This is a new trick he has learned so he can be uninterrupted as he scales counter tops to candy bowls in cabinets, applies box fulls of bandaides to his head, ect. Unfortunately, he rarely reopens the door. O.K., back to the story. Although I knew what he was most likely doing upstairs, I continued finishing our game, HEY, I was about to win!
Eventually I got upstairs and commenced with the knocking, which was of course returned with silence. This continued for about 5 minutes until it dawned on me that he may never unlock the wretched door. Just then Chris pulls in the driveway. At last, my knight in shining armor! He doesn't have a key to the front door so he pounds on the door for a while and there comes Myles with a huge smile on his face, well actually there was a lot of other stuff on his face, Yogurt, his favorite anytime snack! Myles just laughs at Chris through the window and runs off with his spoon.
Right around this time, I hear the patter patter patter of Myles little toes as they run across the kitchen floor, followed by "CLICK CLICK". YES! I've been released for good behavior. When I open the door, Myles is gone and is in the position described at the beginning of this blog. So, there he is trying to hide himself and the THREEEE containers of half-eaten yogurts behind the piano bench. True to childlike form, there was as much yogurt on him and the carpet as there was in his belly. In haste to gobble up yummy yogurt, who has time to prevent spills? We all have our Priorities, lol! Of course pandemonium followed with me scolding Myles, the kids laughing, and Chris about to lose it. Moments like these are priceless pieces of time, from which we can learn so much. Lesson 1: Feed your kids. Lesson 2: Feed your kids. Lesson 3: Feed your kids!


Janet Walgren said...

This is a hilarious post Rebecca! You are too funny. I admire the way you enjoy and make the most of life.

Love you!

Aunt Janet

BeX said...

ahahahaahaha... you have know idea how funny this is to me! C.J.'s all time fave snack is yogurt too and I'm sure i've been through the same , or almost same scenario at least 30 times!!! :D

This is priceless! Thanks for sharing!!!


Janet Walgren said...

Ok Rebecca, your mom told me about your talk in sacrament meeting on loving your children like God loves them. You need to write a family circus column. You are simply too funny:) Anyway, I hope you share the story here.

Love you,

Aunt Janet