Thursday, May 21, 2009

29 going on 90!

Sitting down to dinner with Kenna, Stella and our third daughter, next door neighbor Mya, the girls started singing
" K-I-SS-I-N-G".
They paired all the kids on the block and then started in on kids at school. This was very fun for me because I get to keep up on all the juicy gossip of who likes who! Apparently Stella has a LOT of little hormones because she likes every boy. Kenna has hadthe same boy for the past 2 years. Then they started going for the jugular revealing each others crush. However the best part went as follows:

Mya: "you do, you love Ethan you do!"

Kenna: "Oh yeah well you love the MISSIONARIES!"

Mya: "GASP! No I don't!"

Mom: "Mya? You like the missionaries? Which one?" (I already knew the answer)

Kenna: "Yes you do you told me on my bed when they had dinner here."

Mya: "No I only said I liked him as a friend!"

Kenna: "That's not what you said."

Mya: "well it's what I meant. (blushing)
THEN she says "Besides he's like 45!"
HA! If this pretty boy baby face 19 yr. old looks 45 to my kids what the heck am I, a granny?
I'll tell you what; my kids are making me feel O-L-D.

Eating at a restaurant Gage blushed at the sweet waitress. We teased him but then remarked on what a cute young girl she was when Gage said "mom whatever; how do you know she could be your age?" Oh! how sweet son, she could barely pass for 20. I laughed. Gage I love you, but she's definitely NOT my age.

Love, Respect & Honor

Farewell Grandpa Adams!!!!! I loved you so much.

My grandpa passed away in March. I was so close to him. He has called me THUMPER as far back as my memory takes me.

He took me on all my fishing trips. He taught me to love geology through his enthusiasm. He is the major contributor in my love for history. Although I never told him while he was here on earth, his
influence on my life is profound. I should have said that while I
had the chance, I know it would have made him proud.

Maybe one of the reasons I felt so close to him was because he is
such a likeness to my father. They were big strong intimidating
teddie bears. I know my father is the Noble man that he is
because of his dad.

My grandpa had taken care of his mother since he was a child,
it was just the two of them. He worked to earn enough
money to buy her a sewing machine by the time he was 12. He
worked and supported them both as well as my grandma and her
widowed mother. All this he did without complaint, and full of love.
He was fiercely devoted to family.

There wasn't a person that met him that didn't love him. He was
the strength of the Adams Family. I will be forever grateful to
Heavenly Father for placing me with this wonderful family, and I
know He is pleased with my Grandpa, and I know my grandpa is
overjoyed to be counted as worthy among His children.

His simple rules to life's success were:
  • Don't run away from your fears
  • Don't run away from your responsibilities
  • Never run away from a fight
  • Have pride in who you are and what you do
  • Take personal responsibility for your actions
  • Your word is your bond
  • always maintain your integrity


    December 20, 1928 - March 29, 2009

    Tid Bits

    There are a lot of things I will miss about Ohio. It truly is a beautiful place.

    One lovely afternoon while the weather was above 60' we decided to have an adventure. I wanted the corn maze, the kids wanted ice cream, what we got was an awesome canoe ride down a river. We LOVED it. This is something I grew up doing with my grandpa. We played in canoes my whole life. Most of the time it was used as a swimming pool but every once in a while we'd get to paddle in it.
    We raced; boys vs. girls. The beginning was a little rough thanks to the help of Myles and Stella but soon the girls pulled out front never to be recaptured. Kenna caught on quick. I love family time and memory making. I relive my childhood whenever I make moments for my kids. I love that Chris and I are so in tune with our desires for our children and our lives, it makes for an exciting ride.

    Tid Bits

    After several months of blogging constipation, the diarrhea will flow! I have had oodles of topics in my head forever and on this sunny morning when I'd rather be sleeping I decided to blog instead. Here goes...
    Chris had his senior formal at the Progressive Field (formally known as Jacobs) the home of the Cleveland Indians. I was on "emergency leave" in CA. so I could not attend. Never one to waste money, Chris would still go and in my stead take Kenna. He had so much fun playing Mr. Mom. He hand washed her baptism dress. He took her shopping for the perfect pair of shoes, sparkly yellow slingbacks. He painted her fingers and toes in matching sparkly yellow. He even bought yellow flowers, one to put in her hair and one to wear as a boutonniere. Then he spent all afternoon practicing hair do's coming up with the perfect one. She looked stunning, so did Chris if I say so myself. They danced the night away, had an excellent dinner and even got a private V.I.P. tour of the stadium from the general manager complete with an offer to watch the Indians play from the managers lounge whenever Kenna comes to a game. It was a night to be remembered, but not pictured for Chris left the camera in the car!

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    I'd Like To Bear My Testimony

    Blogging feels like the bearing of testimonies of sorts to me. I almost feel I should only do it if I have something of value or importance to offer. Facebook and texting, my only other forms of communication to the outside world (for I hate the phone) are for a more frivolous nature. Posting a note on Facebook to tell my friend I think they're a loser or texting "what's up" seems an acceptable thing but not on "THE BLOG".
    To blog something so lame seems wrong. So instead I wait for the perfect thing to say and,...NOTHING a month passes and nothing blog worthy happens. Friends wonder where we've gone, my children wonder why they aren't relevant, blog spot threatens to shut us down. So I decided to break the mold. Today I will blog about...are you ready... nothing! I will blog about nothing. It's A Seinfeld episode of the blog if you will, "I'm going to make a show." "What about?" "Nothing?" "You're going to make a show about nothing?"
    I will impart no wisdom, your life will not be enriched from this little blurb. I will have stolen 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back because I have chosen to break my own rule and get up here on my Internet pulpit and blog about random nothingness.
    And now I feel better because our page no longer shows a month of inactivity, friends will once again come to visit us, though the feedback may not be so welcoming, that's o.k. I'll sleep better at night knowing that all is right in the cyber world for I have accessed my web page. So now I bid you ado, it's time for dinner. Thank you and goodnight!

    Saturday, January 3, 2009

    "This is my life, its not a lot, but its my life!"

    Another CJ blog for your reading pleasure...

    I would like to take some time and convey the relationship with my beautiful wife, Rebecca. Now we all know her O' so delicate charm when sharing personal views on ANY subject. This personality trait has provided us with countless fun, awkward, and even volatile situations. For those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about, picture this scenario: We have some friends over and we happen to be talking about how to discipline our children. Obviously we all want to share our experiences and no sooner do our guests tell us about a technique they use, Becky swiftly blurts out how she couldn’t agree less with this. Well O.K., this MAY be a slight exaggeration, but you get the picture, RIGHT? As if this trait isn’t dominant enough, we can’t forget Becky’s stubbornness. Don’t get me wrong though, this is more of a positive trait than destructive. Becky is also strong willed and feministic at times. To some, these personality traits may seem overpowering and difficult to MANAGE on a personal level, however, this is not the case with US. Sure it would be nice if she would do everything I told her, or if I never had to clean a dish or even do my own laundry from time to time. But for me, I need someone to keep my “EGO” (I’ve been told I have one) in check. And who would be better fit for the task other than Rebecca…? My mind draws a blank!

    I’m obliged for my place in our little world known as the Jones Clan. Besides, wearing the pants of the family is so OVERRATED!!! Then again according to the photo Becky is sure trying to get those pants back ☺… I thought I
    was done, but Becky just came into the room and scolded me for doing something she asked me to do. The nerve! On X-Mas eve she asked me to find a way to attach a 4X6 card with the kids names on them to their respective stockings. My idea; staple ‘em on there. Brilliant if you ask me. The one downfall was the holes left behind in the rayon liners. Maybe if I keep this up, she’ll stop asking me to do things altogether, lol. Can’t blame a man for wishing, can you???

    All joking aside, I am truly grateful Heav
    enly Father put someone like Rebecca in my life when I needed her the most. My love and appreciation for her continues to grow, even after 11 LONG years of marriage. I Love You Becky Jones!

    By the way, the photograph was taken and edited by Benita Cloward at BRC Photography. Thanks for the memories Bita.

    Go Orange

    Go Big Blue
    Fight, Fight

    Friday, January 2, 2009

    You Play BOWL Like A GIRL!!!!!!!!

    I'm outing you CHRIS!!!!

    Picture this if you can.......It's the begining of bowl season, Chris offers up Gage and me an opportunity to participate in a friendly family bowl mania pick.
    We set a time and make our picks. Gage and I go off our gut without all the prior research CHRIS benefits from. Fast forward a few games into the bowl, BECKY is up,- CHRIS changes his future picks. Gage wants to do research, CHRIS harps on him for being a "pansy" who can't stick to his guns. Fast forward to a few more games, CHRIS is now in the lead and gloating HARD CORE!
    More time lapses BECKY scores big time with some key breaks and sweet VICTORIES, CHRIS stomps his way off to bed mumbling some unmentionables complete with a door slam! He then accuses ME of being the gloater.
    Next comes more late in the game SWITCHES from our fearless leader CHRIS.

    Now it's present time. Mississippi State is going to take the win in the bottom of the 4th and lead Becky to a guaranteed VICTORY when what do you know? CHRIS sneaks up to his room to make yet 2 more KEY switches to his picks Including the final Championship game!
    ARE YOU A FLIP FLOPPER CHRIS? Have you missed your political calling as a presidential candidate? What's the matter? Did all your research let you down? Can't hack it in the BIG leauges? Do you need to go play with the kiddies in the shallow end of the pool? I'm sure Kenna and Stella will gladly take you on next year.
    MAN UP and stay your picks. Play "HARD CORE"
    In the famous words of The Sandlots' Benny Rodriguez "Anyone who wants to be a can't-hack-it pantywaist who wears their mama's bra, raise your hand." CHRIS, you sure stepped up to the plate!