Friday, January 2, 2009

The Boise State University

Preface: This is Christopher Jones blogging

Roughly 6 years ago I was faced with a taxing decision; which university would I attend? Of course my initial desires were to attend the Lord's University, however, the powers that be thought differently, thank goodness. I was left with an option to attend the other Y in Idaho or some random university in California. Fortunately, after some time browsing the web, I came across Boise State University's web page. My spirits were lifted instantly as those blue and orange colors flashed across my screen. I knew at that moment that this is where I would matriculate. What may have seemed a random judgment by others, turned out to be the second best decision I ever made. It is my goal to influence any and all who may be considering higher education.

Maybe it’s the unbeatable location in the heart of the capital—the hub of government, business, the arts, health care, industry and technology—and its strong connections to hundreds of companies and organizations in the region. Maybe it’s because they are Idaho’s Metropolitan Research University, or that the campus glows with spirit and excitement. Maybe it’s the breathtaking surroundings of the great outdoors—just minutes from snowboarding, mountain biking, camping and hiking. For all these reasons and more, you just can’t help feeling that Boise State is the university of opportunity.

Boise State’s academics are the best in the state and are increasing in notoriety on a more national level. With a total of over a hundred majors, minors, and doctorates, there is a little something for everyone. The smaller class sizes and 19:1 student/professor ratio allows the students to spend time with their professors and not those grumpy teacher assistants. Opportunities for internships and research prospects are both intriguing and vast in numbers.

I now bring you to athletics which are both exciting and successful. Its rich tradition of excellence, pride, and success, provide Boise State plenty of national exposure. The Boise State football, wrestling, tennis, and women’s gymnastic teams are among the best programs in the country year in and year out. There are few events more exciting and invigorating than watching a Boise State football game in Bronco Stadium, home of the "BLUE SMURF TURF".

Go visit the university yourself and experience the excitement surrounding The Boise State University.

Go Orange
Go Big Blue
Fight, Fight


BeX said...

Chris - you're either the most devoted-to-my-Univeristy person I've ever met.... or the most pathetic one! you choose! ;D

I sure have to experience this 'way of life' in Boise sometime. But for now I'm quite comfortable here in OK!

love ya!


Williams Family by Emily said...

Chris- Come home! We love you and Boise loves you. I think you should be BSU's president. Come home.