Friday, January 2, 2009

You Play BOWL Like A GIRL!!!!!!!!

I'm outing you CHRIS!!!!

Picture this if you can.......It's the begining of bowl season, Chris offers up Gage and me an opportunity to participate in a friendly family bowl mania pick.
We set a time and make our picks. Gage and I go off our gut without all the prior research CHRIS benefits from. Fast forward a few games into the bowl, BECKY is up,- CHRIS changes his future picks. Gage wants to do research, CHRIS harps on him for being a "pansy" who can't stick to his guns. Fast forward to a few more games, CHRIS is now in the lead and gloating HARD CORE!
More time lapses BECKY scores big time with some key breaks and sweet VICTORIES, CHRIS stomps his way off to bed mumbling some unmentionables complete with a door slam! He then accuses ME of being the gloater.
Next comes more late in the game SWITCHES from our fearless leader CHRIS.

Now it's present time. Mississippi State is going to take the win in the bottom of the 4th and lead Becky to a guaranteed VICTORY when what do you know? CHRIS sneaks up to his room to make yet 2 more KEY switches to his picks Including the final Championship game!
ARE YOU A FLIP FLOPPER CHRIS? Have you missed your political calling as a presidential candidate? What's the matter? Did all your research let you down? Can't hack it in the BIG leauges? Do you need to go play with the kiddies in the shallow end of the pool? I'm sure Kenna and Stella will gladly take you on next year.
MAN UP and stay your picks. Play "HARD CORE"
In the famous words of The Sandlots' Benny Rodriguez "Anyone who wants to be a can't-hack-it pantywaist who wears their mama's bra, raise your hand." CHRIS, you sure stepped up to the plate!

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BeX said...

hehehe..... this is so typical for men! Okay.... chris, you're definitely the most pathetic! I take back my previous comment. ;D I still love you though, my brother-from-another-mother!!!

Go join the sandlot gang! I'm sure they can teach you a little bit about strategy. :D