Thursday, May 21, 2009

29 going on 90!

Sitting down to dinner with Kenna, Stella and our third daughter, next door neighbor Mya, the girls started singing
" K-I-SS-I-N-G".
They paired all the kids on the block and then started in on kids at school. This was very fun for me because I get to keep up on all the juicy gossip of who likes who! Apparently Stella has a LOT of little hormones because she likes every boy. Kenna has hadthe same boy for the past 2 years. Then they started going for the jugular revealing each others crush. However the best part went as follows:

Mya: "you do, you love Ethan you do!"

Kenna: "Oh yeah well you love the MISSIONARIES!"

Mya: "GASP! No I don't!"

Mom: "Mya? You like the missionaries? Which one?" (I already knew the answer)

Kenna: "Yes you do you told me on my bed when they had dinner here."

Mya: "No I only said I liked him as a friend!"

Kenna: "That's not what you said."

Mya: "well it's what I meant. (blushing)
THEN she says "Besides he's like 45!"
HA! If this pretty boy baby face 19 yr. old looks 45 to my kids what the heck am I, a granny?
I'll tell you what; my kids are making me feel O-L-D.

Eating at a restaurant Gage blushed at the sweet waitress. We teased him but then remarked on what a cute young girl she was when Gage said "mom whatever; how do you know she could be your age?" Oh! how sweet son, she could barely pass for 20. I laughed. Gage I love you, but she's definitely NOT my age.


We'll see what happens... said...

I so miss this part of life! BUT I have my own fun stuff going on... Danny is going to be a daddy, on or about January 20th. He is so very excited, they are still planning on getting married in April when Kasie's Dad comes home from Afghanistan. By the way, your not old granny, if you were I would be approaching fossil!

Les and Rebecca Wikle said...

I kept remembering, while trying to pull myself back up from changing diapers, putting shoes and braces on, doing physical therapy, that it was a LOT easier a quarter century + ago, when I started my career. You are no wahere close to OLD! ENJOY GETTING THERE! I keep telling your grandpa that his 87 is a lot younger than his 57 was.

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Whatever your a little hottie these days, I know your cute hubby told me! Last time we talked he said you should see Becky she is lookin' Gooood! True story.

Scott and Lorri said...

um...i think your older than me and as long as that works we are good as you being O-L-D. I just turned thirty. Maybe your not older than me....i know you will be letting me know really soon and I'll either have to eat my words or enjoy you being an old woman.

Julie N. said...

So funny! I love your kiddos! We are going to miss you guys tons!

Scott and Lorri said...

so...are you going to e-mail me or call me about your visit down here? OR you really don't want to see me. I understand.

troy said...

Hi Becky, just found your blog off Brenden's page. Hope things continue to go well for you, sounds like you've been having a good time. When are you guys coming back to visit?

Emily's thoughts said...

um. I think it's time for a new post...