Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tid Bits

There are a lot of things I will miss about Ohio. It truly is a beautiful place.

One lovely afternoon while the weather was above 60' we decided to have an adventure. I wanted the corn maze, the kids wanted ice cream, what we got was an awesome canoe ride down a river. We LOVED it. This is something I grew up doing with my grandpa. We played in canoes my whole life. Most of the time it was used as a swimming pool but every once in a while we'd get to paddle in it.
We raced; boys vs. girls. The beginning was a little rough thanks to the help of Myles and Stella but soon the girls pulled out front never to be recaptured. Kenna caught on quick. I love family time and memory making. I relive my childhood whenever I make moments for my kids. I love that Chris and I are so in tune with our desires for our children and our lives, it makes for an exciting ride.


Bita said...

Awesome!!!! Canoeing is soooo much better than a confusing maze or calorie-rich ice cream. Glad you guys got to go an this adventure together. I cannot wait to see you again this August!!! Woohoo!!!!


Carrie said...

How Fun! What great memories. I wish there was more to do here in the Summer. Get a sunburn - that's about it.