Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tid Bits

After several months of blogging constipation, the diarrhea will flow! I have had oodles of topics in my head forever and on this sunny morning when I'd rather be sleeping I decided to blog instead. Here goes...
Chris had his senior formal at the Progressive Field (formally known as Jacobs) the home of the Cleveland Indians. I was on "emergency leave" in CA. so I could not attend. Never one to waste money, Chris would still go and in my stead take Kenna. He had so much fun playing Mr. Mom. He hand washed her baptism dress. He took her shopping for the perfect pair of shoes, sparkly yellow slingbacks. He painted her fingers and toes in matching sparkly yellow. He even bought yellow flowers, one to put in her hair and one to wear as a boutonniere. Then he spent all afternoon practicing hair do's coming up with the perfect one. She looked stunning, so did Chris if I say so myself. They danced the night away, had an excellent dinner and even got a private V.I.P. tour of the stadium from the general manager complete with an offer to watch the Indians play from the managers lounge whenever Kenna comes to a game. It was a night to be remembered, but not pictured for Chris left the camera in the car!


Bita said...

I still can't believe Chris did her hair and outfit and all... way to go Daddy!!!! And we are so proud of you!!!!!!! We love you very much!


Carrie said...

ok, her hair is GORGEOUS! What a great dad!